WLCI is a student run, musically diverse resource for independent artists & music lovers.

Based out of the Hocking College School of Music in Southeast Ohio, WLCI seeks to provide a musically diverse and eclectic blend of today’s and yesterday’s best music.

The Hocking College School of Music is designed to prepare students for careers in music production and music business. Students complete a series of core classes that develop the foundational skills needed for virtually any career in commercial music. These core classes include Music Industry Fundamentals, Interactive Multimedia Technologies, Music Distribution and Marketing, Recording and Mixing Concepts, Music Entrepreneurship, Concert Booking and Promotion, Live Sound Production.

Hocking College offers unique educational opportunities, providing active learning in a hands-on setting that enables students to continually thrive. With more than 50 associate degree programs to choose from, Hocking College offers students a quality educational experience that is flexible, affordable and applicable to their career goals. At Hocking College, students will gain the concrete skills necessary to successfully further their education and pursue a profession. Set in the scenic town of Nelsonville, Ohio, the institution is rich in history, nature, art and culture and was founded in 1968.


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